I was commissioned by Leicester City Council to design their Director of Public Health Annual Report, which details the health of the local population. It’s fair to say, that annual reports are an important document requiring precision and quality. This report was to contain the largest amount of complex technical data that I’ve ever worked with, so it was clear that I needed to craft a report that was not only eye catching, but could also be presented in an easily understandable way. I’m really proud of this publication. It’s one of my best reports to date, and the clients were a real joy to work with.
“We have been impressed with Jane’s creative flair – she has produced report that balances pleasing design with retention of data integrity; her willingness to alter design, infographics and layout, even when that is happening because of our changing ideas; and her exceptional flexibility around an ever-changing schedule.” 
Sandie Harwood – Leicester City Council, Public Health Team

– Creative Direction
– Design for print
– Infographics
– Photography
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